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  • Description

    This large capacity Metal-Cutting Bandsaw has a small footprint as well as being completely mobile! Designed to cut 7″ round and 7″ X 12″ rectangular stock, this machine also features hydraulic downfeed control, coolant system, blade brush and more!


    • Automatic shut-off
    • Hydraulic feed control
    • Quick positioning vise
    • Coolant system
    • Includes blade
  • Description

    Metal bandsaw with stepless adjustment of the cutting speed, hydraulic lowering of the saw bow, coolant device and cutting performance of 225 mm.


    • variable speed control
    • frequency converter (BS 280 DGF)
    • cooling liquid tank and coolant system
    • lowering device saw arm stepless adjustable
    • saw arm swiveling to the right 60° and to the left 45°
    • material dead stop
    • analogue saw band – electric tension display for ideal cutting for protection of the saw band
    • coolant system serial with lever tap and plug
    • quick – release chuck vice
    • clearly arranged, ergonomic control panel
    • robust stand for hard daily insert
  • Description

    BMSY 320 GL Youtube Video Link

    The BMS 320GL is durable and stable laid out for universal separation from full materials, pipes, and profiles. A fast and precise miter adjustment is characteristic within the range of 90 deg to 30 deg. The sawing property is situated in-line and becomes manually strained in the angle of 90 deg. The machines are fitted with a removable coolant tank incorporating a submerged electric coolant pump which supplies coolant to both guide assemblies. These models can cope with most types of material. Blade guides with rollers and carbide pads provide precise support for the blade. Thermal overload and no-volt release are standard features and the machines automatically switch off at the end of the cut. On semi-automatic models, after finishing the cut, sawframe is lifted hydraulically up to the adjusted level. Bi-Metal sawblade and 1,2-meter infeed roller table are supplied as standard.

  • Description

    BMSY 440 DGH Youtube Video Link

    This Double Column bandsawing machine is an ideal model for changeable cutting quantities with angle cutting. Cutting with +60° right, -60°left degree is possible with turning the bow. It is the biggest model of its type with 400mm/610mm flat cutting at 90-degree angle and 440 diameter cutting. Cutting is hydraulic and the bow rises up automatically at the end of cutting.

Showing all 4 results


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