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  • Digital electric 3-phase bending machine

    The digital UNI 70/C is an accurate and powerful bending machine to bend pipes with large diameters as well as thin and delicate tubes with optimal and constant bending radii and without any pipe deformation. It is suitable to satisfy the bending requirements of the user operating in the plumbing, nautical, hydraulic, industrial, and plant engineering sector.
    – Spheroidal graphite iron body on metal steelwork base
    – Three-phase, asynchronous, self-braking motor 380V/50 Hz (different voltages on request), 2 speeds, 1,5/2,2 Kw power
    – Digital electronic unit with microprocessor and display for programming and controlling the required bending angle. It is possible to store up to 50 bending programmes with the possibility to store up to 9 sequential bending angles for each programme.
    – Automatic return at the end of stroke
    – Low tension control panel (24V)
    – maximum bending angle: 180°
    – It is equipped with 1 quick guide positioning device and 2 interchangeable outlet shafts
    – Dimensions: length 810 mm, width 400 mm, height 1100 mm.
    – Weight: kg. 210

    Mechanical spindle for the bending plane regulation.

    The 2 interchangeable outlet shafts of the standard equipment.

  • Digital electric bending machine

    UNI 60 digital, an accurate and powerful bending machine able to bend large diameters as well as thin and delicates pipes with optimum and constant bending radii and without any pipe deformation.

    – Aluminium body
    – Asynchronous motor HP 1,30 220V 50 HZ (different voltages on request) 2800 RPM
    – Digital control panel with microprocessor for programming the angle of bend. Capable of storing 9 bending with 9 bend per program
    – Low tension electronic schedule (24V)
    – Bending angle regulation
    – Electrobrake
    – Automatic return to stop
    – Dimensions: lenght 520 mm, width 210 mm, height 410 mm (without stand)
    – Weight kg. 60

  • Variobend long folding machines are available in working lengths from 4.0 m – 12.0 m and bending capacities from 1.50 – 3.00 mm (mild steel). This EB series is technically unique compared to any other long folders on the market. Most notably is the geometry of the bending beam. Specifically the Variobend has a work envelope of 280 degrees, this is notably more than other benders on the market and allows the operator to achieve many profiles otherwise impossible.

    Further enhancing the Variobend is the torsion bar clamping system that ensures accurate level closing of the clamping beam even under the load of hemming operations. This feature includes an opening height that is infinitely variable via the touch screen control and allows programmable hemming or safety edges. Variobend offers one of the fastest bending, clamping and slitting speeds on the market.


  • The biggest gains in productivity when utilising the Variobend DB are made when bending heavy, long and awkward parts. On this type of part a great deal of time is wasted turning and flipping the part. In fact far more time is spent handling than bending.

    Users of Variobend DB benders are quoting a minimum doubling and often as much as quadrupling the output on common profiles compared to conventional single bending machines.

    Complementing the productivity improvement gained by elimination of turning and flipping is the advantage that many jobs are reduced from a two man operation to a single man operation.

Showing all 4 results


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