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    • FLASHCUT gives an answer to achieve laser like cutting quality by plasma
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    Power supply 1 phase,220V,50Hz or customized
    Input capacity(W) 3KW
    Controller screen 15”,LCD, colorful
    Cutting width 1500mm,2000mm
    Cutting length 3000mm,4000mm,5000mm,6000mm
    Cutting model Plasma or Flame
    Fuel gas LPG,Propane,Acetylene
    Nesting software FastCAM, MTC

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    • Three phase, rectifier plasma cutting, on wheels, fan-cooled for power source
    • For trident40 and 60, air-cooling torch is used; for trident 160 and 200, water-cooling torch is used; for trident 120, both of the torch are available.
    • The water tank is needed if using water-cooling torch
    • Smooth DC, HF arc piloting, narrow and smooth cutting seam
    • Ideal equipment to cut all kinds of conductive material in industry use

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