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NEW Furnace for the Artistic Forging Nargesa H3, MORE EFFICIENT, SAFER and 100% RESPECTFUL WITH THE ENVIRONMENT.
The Furnace is equipped with three burners to heat the iron and work it: molding, bending, piercing, welding, tempering, forging, shoeing horse ect.
Used in ornamental forge smithies to heat the iron, until it is malleable and can be molded to achieve the desired shapes, work the ends of the rods, manufacture horseshoes, knives, swords, axes, all kinds of pieces of artistic forging, sculptures in iron and wrought iron decoration, iron garden furniture, wrought iron chairs, wrought iron tables… It is a good substitute for the old Forge, much cleaner, faster and more efficient.

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Technical Features

  • The Nargesa H3 propane oven has three burner
  • Automatic electronic ignition.
  • Gas hose made of stainless steel: this characteristic prevents it from collapsing and burning. This hose does not expire, so it is not necessary to replace it.
  • Precision pressure regulator with built-in pressure gauge, allows to adjust the gas pressure more precisely.
  • Integrated bar support and adjustable to the different lengths of material. Its shape prevents the material from sliding laterally.
  • Possibility to place the material support in any of the three entries.
  • Needle flow regulation valves, a lot more accurate.
  • All burners can operate independently. A vermiculite separator is supplied with the Furnace to reduce the size of the combustion chamber and thus the heat is not dispersed.
  • Double insulation of compacted vermiculite, to avoid heat loss.
  • Insulating flange in the material inlets to keep the heat inside the combustion chamber.
  • The furnace is covered with heat painting to protect and prevent from heat loss.
  • Air flow regulator to adjust this size to the different altitudes. Depending on the work place of the furnace and its altitude regarding the sea, the air flow for the mixture of gas and marine air will be regulated, the suitability for a good combustion.
  • Reach temperature, 1300ºC.
  • Adjustable pressure from 0.1 to 1.5 Bar.
  • Maximum consumption at 1 bar of 1 Kg/h.
  • With a LPG propane gas cylinder of 35Kg, the H3 Furnace will operate 35 hours with its two burners at full operation. If we only use one burner, then performance will triplicate.
  • LPG Propane Gas Feed.
  • Useful internal cavity of the H3 furnace: 464mm wide x 100mm high and 240mm deep.
  • Maximum material capacity Ø 80mm.
  • Removable side doors to work in the center of the iron bars. The doors are installed without using tools.
  • All components are standard and easy to find in any warehouse or hardware store.
  • The Nargesa H3 forging furnace is shipped completely assembled.

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