MT 500A Twisting Machine

Product Description

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The MT 500A twisting machine has been designed for the manufacture of ornamental cold iron shapes such as solutions that will be useful in the branch of the artistic locksmith’s trade.
The traction of this machine is carried out by a reducing engine with flat pinions soaked on oil, Ep 85 W 140.The machine has two working places: one for the twisting performance and another with no neck limit to make any kind of scroll, hook, balauster or link.


Technical Details

Working method by twisting and flexion in COLD.

Machine suitable for small, medium and big productions.

Safe and reliable transmission by a motor reducer with treated flat pinions, accomplishing a great performance with little maintenance.

Its perfect for making all kind of standard ornamental pieces and essential to make your own designs which are much more demanded in the market. The pieces as requested by architects, technicians, and final users make it indispensable tooling in a blacksmith workshop.

  • Maximum twisting Capacity 40 mm or 1 3/8″ inches
  • Maximum bending capacity: 25 mm or 1″ inches
  • Maximum scrolling and bending capacity in flat bar, clod or handrail 50×10 mm or 2″x 3/8″ inches
  • The possibility of buying the tooling for the machine in mm or inches
  • Max. continuous twisting length: 1.620 mm
  • MOtor power: 4Kw / 5,5 HP
  • CNC programmer to make high productions
  • 3-phased tension: 230/400 V
  • Adjustable rotation speed from 0 to 10 r.p.m.

Additional information

Additional Information

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