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BMCEquipment & Tools Ltd. are based in Summerhill in Co. Meath. We supply a vast range of engineering equipment and tools to all sectors and all industries…

We supply thousands of engineering machines, consumables and accessories across a broad section of industries.  Many of those products can be seen on our website.

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    The Graniflex cutting and grinding discs are high quality wheels which we developed for professional industrial usage and thus have a long working life. In order to ensure that our wheels are made in the highest quality and provide the most stable performance, all of our raw materials are sourced from high quality, regularly controlled suppliers who have a long history of delivering us quality goods. cutting
    As responsible abrasive manufacturers we produce our disc s with 2-4 reinforcements to ensure absolute safety. The safety of the discs is regularly checked through our quality assurance system.
    We continuously develop new products based on requests and feedback from our clients.
    We have a wide range of products available directly from stock recommended for different application areas, like products for steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel and stone.

    Geometrical range: 75mm – 500mm

    The cutting discs are produced in flat (41) in our stock program, but in our selection we have also depressed version those we produce on order.

    In additional to our standard discs we can provide custom made product as well – there is a minimum order size. Please ask our quotation, we consider the given grinding task in our offer and develop new compositions where needed.

  • Variobend long folding machines are available in working lengths from 4.0 m – 12.0 m and bending capacities from 1.50 – 3.00 mm (mild steel). This EB series is technically unique compared to any other long folders on the market. Most notably is the geometry of the bending beam. Specifically the Variobend has a work envelope of 280 degrees, this is notably more than other benders on the market and allows the operator to achieve many profiles otherwise impossible.

    Further enhancing the Variobend is the torsion bar clamping system that ensures accurate level closing of the clamping beam even under the load of hemming operations. This feature includes an opening height that is infinitely variable via the touch screen control and allows programmable hemming or safety edges. Variobend offers one of the fastest bending, clamping and slitting speeds on the market.

  • The Powerbor® PB32-S has been ergonomically designed to provide an electromagnetic drilling machine that is totally user friendly.

    • Fitted with the reliable and proven HITACHI D13 power unit
    • 13mm drill chuck and key included*
    • A complete coolant system is available
    • All Powerbor® standard features are backed by a full range of replacement spares

    12 months comprehensive warranty as standard

    See User Manual for complete specification
    SAFETY GUARD; machines shown without Safety Guard for clarity

    * To fit drill chuck (13mm with 1/2” x 20)remove arbor (RH thread) and arbor support bracket

  • Description

    • FLASHCUT gives an answer to achieve laser like cutting quality by plasma
    • Flash generated from collision of mechanical technology and IT technology
    • Flash generated from Hugong, distributor and users


    Power supply 1 phase,220V,50Hz or customized
    Input capacity(W) 3KW
    Controller screen 15”,LCD, colorful
    Cutting width 1500mm,2000mm
    Cutting length 3000mm,4000mm,5000mm,6000mm
    Cutting model Plasma or Flame
    Fuel gas LPG,Propane,Acetylene
    Nesting software FastCAM, MTC

    For more information see here: http://www.hugongwelds.com/

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Established over 25 years ago, BMC is a leading supplier of engineering machinery & equipment. It’s an Irish owed Company suppyling high quality equipment to the home market and also exporting worldwide. All our prices are hard to match.

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